Could Israel attack Syria based on falsified chemical weapons claims?

By Madison Ruppert

Editor of End the Lie

American Toxic Chemical Workers perform a meticulous inspection of chemical weapons (Image credit: U.S. Army)

In late February of this year, I covered an article in the Wired blog Danger Room which read like nothing but pure, unadulterated propaganda.

This piece claimed, without any evidence whatsoever mind you, that U.S. officials were worried about Syrian President Bashar al-Assad possessing chemical weapons stockpiles, including mustard gas and nerve agents.

The piece was rife with outlandish claims and was nearly identical to the similar baseless propaganda we saw in the effort to justify the invasion of Iraq.

As I covered in my recent video (see below), the mainstream media seems to finally be catching up to the fact that it is not the Syrian government which is committing the atrocities, but well coordinated armed terrorist groups which are part of the opposition.

There have been previous instances where a tiny bit of truth will manage to break through, such as when the UN finally publicly acknowledged the presence of these terrorist groups carrying out bombings.

However, the disinformation and propaganda still reigns over the truth, especially in the Western mainstream media.

Now it appears that Israel is joining this conglomerate of nations pushing to invade Syria on false pretenses, which is hardly surprising seeing as Syria and Israel have never been the closest of pals.

After all, Syria is one of the few countries in the region which isn’t completely dominated by Western and Zionist interests, as is the case with the vast majority of Arab League nations.

Israel’s Deputy Minister for Development of the Negev and Galilee, Ayoub Kara, a member of the rightwing Likud party, claimed that he saw photos which “left no doubt that the forces of President Bashar Assad have used chemical weapons against Syrian men, women and children,” according to the Times of Israel.

If anyone can honestly accept a Likud-affiliated Israeli politician when he says that he saw mysteriously non-corroborated photographs which indisputably show that Assad’s forces have used chemical weapons against men, women and children, then I have some phenomenal beachfront property in Chad to sell you.

Kara further claimed in an interview with Israel Radio that Israeli doctors are currently stationed on the Syrian-Turkish border treating people who have been injured in the battles between Assad’s forces and the armed opposition groups.

Kara also stated that Israel is willing and able to accept injured Syrians, while the Times of Israel cited the likely wildly inflated number of 13,000 dead civilians which, of course, is only corroborated by the claims of so-called Syrian “activists.”

Furthermore, Kara stated that Israel is ready to move doctors into Jordan to treat wounded Syrians.

“Israel is ready to receive casualties who are evacuated from Syria to Israel, and alternatively we are ready to send medical assistance through Jordan to those unfortunate children and babies whose families have been annihilated by the shabiha of the Syrian regime,” he said.

The Times of Israel claims that, “The shabiha are pro-government militiamen who have been accused of perpetrating some of the worst atrocities against civilians in recent months.”

Shabiha can be roughly translated into “thugs” and they have garnered a significant amount of Western mainstream media coverage from the British Telegraph, CNN, the BBC, Time, the Guardian, the Washington Post and more.

This just happens to ignore the facts outlined in the above video which show that contrary to the propaganda we are being fed, the worst atrocities have actually been committed by the opposition forces.

Unfortunately, it is not quite a shock since we saw the same thing in Libya: rebels commit gruesome acts which the mainstream media ignores, while quickly jumping on and running with falsified claims made by rebels at every turn.

So much of the horrific situation in Syria has echoed that of Libya, where the rebels were guilty of gross violations of human rights which most of the Western media conveniently ignored.

Press TV points to a recent report which, “indicated that the armed groups fighting against the Syrian government have found access to and plan to use chemical weapons, acquired from Libya.”

This wouldn’t be all too surprising either since it was reported last year that 20,000 portable surface-to-air missiles mysteriously went missing in Libya, after which there were reports of similar weaponry being used in Syria.

Since al Qaeda was so heavily involved with the uprising and regime change in Libya, it would not be at all unwarranted to suspect that they would hand over whatever weaponry they could to their allies in Syria.

Also quite convenient in terms of timing were reports of the Syrian rebels seizing an army base and threatening to fire surface-to-air missiles at Assad’s palace.

This would be quite an apt way to explain their possession of large amounts of such military hardware without exposing the supply chain from Libya. This, of course, is pure speculation at this point but it is a line of reasoning which should be considered.

The Syrian government has repeatedly stated that the violence is the work of armed terrorist groups and on June 3 Assad stated that Syria is “facing a war from abroad,” while adding that there is an effort “to weaken Syria, [and] breach its sovereignty.”

All we can do at this point is hope that the truth continues to emerge and that the alternative media can at least make some effort in pushing back against the tide of disinformation and propaganda streaming out of the mainstream media.

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